About us

We’ve always had a love for cooking and eating healthy foods. In fact, each week we would be responsible for cooking a full meal on our own, including dessert! We know that junk food takes a huge toll on our bodies and we believe that we have a duty to take care of ourselves by eating healthy foods. Growing up, our mom made certain that we ate healthy foods. She always packed us nutritious school lunches to fuel our brains and bodies. We would see our classmates eating junk food and could also see how bad they would feel after. We decided that we want to spread healthy recipes for people like our classmates! We want kids and parents to know that eating healthy foods can still be easy and delicious.

At first, we didn’t know how to share our love of healthy food. Then we decided to make our cooking videos to share on YouTube. Our videos show how easy it is to eat healthier versions of foods that we love. We do this by simply switching out a few ingredients.

It makes us so happy to know we are changing lives and inspiring families to cook healthy foods. We love what we do, and we will never stop making healthy recipes for you all to enjoy.

Always stay healthy,

Aayah, Mohamad, and Haneen